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Baby Einstein

The Baby Einstein Company is the award-winning creator of the infant developmental media category and the best selling brand of videos specifically designed for babies and toddlers. Their videos, DVDs, Discovery Cards, books, audio CDs, puppets, toys, and infant products expose your little ones to the world around them through the use of real world objects, music, art, language, science, poetry and nature. Created by a mom and designed specifically for infants and toddlers, their products provide fun and stimulating ways for parents and caregivers to interact and enrich their children's lives.

Baby Einstein knows that babies are naturally curious. Therefore, all of their products are designed to encourage discovery and inspire new ways for parents and little ones to interact. What makes Baby Einstein products unlike any other is that they are created from a baby's point-of-view and incorporate a unique combination of real world objects, music, art, language, science, poetry, and nature - providing parents an opportunity to expose little ones to the world around them in playful and enriching ways. This simple principle is the foundation for The Baby Einstein Company and its products.

The Baby Einstein Company has released a collection of interactive products including DVDs, videos, music CDs, books and toys, which have captured the attention of babies around the world. While new products are slated for release this year, the existing library of products is still "new" for babies and parents alike. Click here to find out more about our products.

Babies are captivated by Baby Einstein products because they are made from their point-of-view and include baby-friendly images, gentle motion, deliberate pacing and re-orchestrated music that appeals to little ears.

Parents love Baby Einstein products because their babies love them, and also because they offer new ways for parents to interact with their little ones as they continue to grow and develop.

Baby Einstein products are not designed to make babies smarter. Rather, Baby Einstein products are specifically designed to engage babies and provide parents with tools to help expose their little ones to the world around them in playful and enriching ways - stimulating a baby's natural curiosity.

The Baby Einstein Company was started in 1997 by a mom when she discovered that there were no age-appropriate products available to help her share her love of art, classical music, language and poetry with her newborn daughter. To fill this void, she created the very first Baby Einstein video title - Baby Einstein Language Nursery. The company's name was inspired by Albert Einstein - someone who truly embodied a love of the arts, simple curiosity, and a passion for discovery.

Combining her extensive classroom experience with her new parent status, she created a line of instructional videos designed to expose her daughter to the humanities in a fun, interactive way. Most importantly, these products were created from a baby's perspective. The success of her products traveled fast as new parents readily shared with each other their experiences with Baby Einstein. As this "Parent-to-Parent" word of mouth increased demand for additional products, she expanded the original video line to include a suite of complementary products. The Baby Einstein product line will continue to grow with the help of The Walt Disney Company.

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