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With functional and innovative design elements, Bugaboo increases people's freedom of movement and makes their mobility flexible, simple, and light. A Bugaboo product distinguishes itself through its integrated functionality, streamlined design, clear applicability, an unique personality - it's smart, exciting, and simple.

Bugaboo Stroller Review

Bugaboo strollers are not only fashionable and unique, but were created with mobility in mind. As their mission statement explains, 'mobility means staying connected'. Bugaboo purposefully designs every stroller they make with an active, healthy family in mind. Mobility doesn't have to mean skimping on style though. Whether you decide to go with the customizeable Bugaboo Cameleon, the compact Bugaboo Bee or the original Bugaboo Frog model, you will have a quality product that is ready to go wherever you wish to adventure. Each of the Bugaboo strollers is available in a variety of different colors, and can also be purchased in denim (although it should be mentioned that the Bugaboo Frog model has been discontinued and is now only available in limited quantities). Along with their strollers, Bugaboo also produces a fine line of accessories, including parasols, diaper bags, car adapters, cup holders, footmuffs, canopies, rough terrain wheels and seat liners. The rough terrain wheels are a must-have feature for families that like to hike, and the car adapters can be used to turn any Bugaboo stroller into a convenient car seat. Benefits of the infant Bugaboo strollers include: sturdy, lightweight, compact frames that grow with your child, customizable options, multi-terrain wheels, a great assortment of useful accessories and chic, gender-neutral designs. The Bugaboo company also offers a two-year warranty on all models, a lifetime return policy for US customers and $5 shipping insurance that provides free return shipping in case of any problems. A few drawbacks to the Bugaboo strollers include: the car seat adapters won't necessarily work with every car seat model, and were designed to work best with Graco brand car seats. Some popular items, such as the Bugaboo Frog model were recently discontinued and are only available in limited quantities and colors. There have been some recalls on Bugaboo products due to manufacturer's defects, such as brake failure. However, these safety issues have been addressed and fixed. Overall, the Bugaboo Stroller line is a great investment. Yes, the strollers are more expensive than many other models, but they last a long time and will save you both time and frustrations thanks to their versatile nature. These strollers have been especially helpful to families that travel frequently or spend much of their time outdoors. As most moms could tell you, regular strollers are a pain on unpaved roads or dirt trails, but the Bugaboo strollers make family outings a delight once again.
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