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HABA has been on the kids' side from the beginning. In 1938 working for children was already at the heart of the company's philosophy. This hasn't changed. HABA has now been developing toys and furniture for children and kindergartens for more than 60 years.

Habermass' constant goal is to develop products not only of remarkable design but also durable enough to provide pleasure for generations. HABA's range of products is now well in excess of 900. Right from the first idea up to the final product all their wooden toys come from the town of Bad Rodach in Upper Frankonia, Germany. The development of these many products is always oriented towards the standards that make up a good toy:

Playing should be fun, not only for a little while but over a longer period of time as well. A good toy allows a lot of freedom for a child's imagination and creativity.

A good toy is a child's companion for a long time. Therefore HABA constantly pays heed to careful production and accurate workmanship of their toys.

Maple and beechwood are the commonly used materials. Haba is convinced that these pleasant natural materials, transformed into a design of plain colours and shapes, are most suitable for toys.

The safety of a toy is a self-evident demand. All of the HABA products meet the requirements of the European Safety Standards for toys.
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