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Since it was established in 1950 and at each stage of its growth, our company has been dedicated to building on several fundamentals that seem essential: meticulous management, the realism of projects, client orientation, and the spirit of innovation. Their laboratory has also been able to make the most of its two major assets: naturally their tangible expertise in the scientific and technical fields of course, but also the talent of their medical, sales and marketing teams.

Laboratoires Expanscience is furthering its growth. The keys to this ambition? Product innovation, the development of a portfolio of solid brands in their fields of operation, and their deployment worldwide.

In order to maintain the independence of their laboratory, they have opted for organic growth, reinforced by an active policy of scientific and business partnerships and seizing opportunities.

Partnership: an important word. Beyond their growth expectations, every day they concur first and foremost to respect the commitment to service that has formed the basis of the link with all our partners - prescribers, advocators, and distributors - for many years.

This commitment is central to their daily operations, as size is not what makes one laboratory stand out more than another; it's the way it serves its clients.
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